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Historically, gold has been a proven method of preserving value when a national currency was losing value. If your investments are valued in a depreciating currency, allocating a portion to gold assets is similar to a financial insurance policy. In the past few years, the climb in the price of gold above $1000 per ounce is due to many factors, one being that the dollar is losing value. Buying gold is easy. Simply choose your product below and lock at todays price. Choose from our convenient payment options including Personal Check, Bank Wire & Credit Card.

Silver Rounds are another great way to collect or invest in Silver. Many mints and companies have struck Silver One Ounce Rounds in a variety of designs. We offer generic silver rounds relatively close to spot price as well as some different seasonal collectible gift items. Silver Rounds are not quite as popular as silver bars but are normally just as good of an investment with their low premiums. Sizes are more limited than bars with mostly one ounce with some five, ten ounce and odd sizes available.



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