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Frequently Asked Question!

Of course you can.  With you can buy Fake money online and have it delivered within 3 business days without facing any problem due to our advance packaging and  delivery system which hides the package from all security scan. are specialist in producing fake notes with advanced security features similar to the original notes from the state treasury which allow the fake notes to bypass the  electric eye in any ATM machine. Notes produce by has been tested in over  2,000 ATM machines around the world with a positive feedback. is a secure website which has been encrypted from both the buyer and the supplier (meaning Back to Back encrypted) to secure all messages and personal information coming in from both sides.

 To make their customers feel more secure they have an automatic erasing  system which clears all personal data recorded on their website every  weekend. produces first grade fake notes which are safe to use in any Cash deposit machines, ATM machines, shopping malls, stores and money exchange  without any fear of being caught and this is  because the notes have all security features similar  to the original notes from the state treasury .(also they notes bypasses any counting machines)

NOTE: You should avoid using in bank because the serial numbers are forge and banks have digital detector machines to detect state printed notes from their serial numbers.

It is 99% safe to ship the notes to your address. Firstly because you won’t have to sign any document or show any Id to prove that the package belongs to you. When packages are being registered at the delivery company the agent only gives out your phone number and your apartment address.

Secondly, All orders are sent in inconspicuous plain packaging. No-one will be able to guess what the package contains or who the sender is. No logo or lettering mentioning our company or the receivers names will be found on the parcel. The only markings on your parcel are your address label on the front and a postal/parcel service sticker and phone number.

This is how the process work. When packaging, the notes are wrapped in Lead Chemical element which makes the X-ray machines incapable of seeing what is wrapped inside the package and also we do camouflage for our packages, for example we use games, TV or any other legal goods to deliver our packages so that buyers receive packages as though receiving a newly ordered Electronic Item.

This method of using Lead Chemical element to wrap the notes before the camouflage  was discovered by our security team early this year and since then over 531 packages has been delivered successfully. 

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